millionaire episode 5

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Mixed Up with the Millionaire Episode 5


The dinner ended early so the bridal party could retire and be well-rested for the wedding. As guests filtered out of the restaurant, I exhaled my first deep breath since arriving at the Carlisle Room for the rehearsal.

I chalked it up to jet lag. The grit in my eyes to burn out.

Not because Tinsley had stolen my breath when she walked in. Or gut-punched me when she acknowledged me with a scant nod before steering clear the rest of the evening.

As much as I longed to soak in her effervescent personality, to feel some sense of life flow through me, I took the hint. I gave her plenty of space, sitting at a table with Drew’s parents for the catered dinner instead of the one reserved for the bridal party.

And Everett.


I hadn’t been prepared for the calamity humming in my head when he walked into the private party room. Or to get my chains yanked when he did so with his hand on Piper’s low back. How he protectively escorted her about the room. How they bent their heads close, laughing over some shared private joke.

Anger I couldn’t explain thrummed along my barely held together emotions.

I’d half expected Tinsley and Everett to be together. To have found happiness with each other without me in the middle mucking it up. Had mentally prepared for it considering the way he’d eye-stalked her the night of the engagement party.

Everett’s appearance with Piper tightened the screws on my already tense muscles. Apparently, that night had only been earth-tilting for me.

“You ready to go, mate?” Jameson asked, clapping my shoulder and startling me from my pity party.

The bride and grooms were following the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. Jameson and I were staying at a hotel near the Carlisle Room, Drew was bunking with his brother Nick, and the ladies were crashing at the triad’s new house.

“More than,” I said.

As we crossed the parking lot to his new ride, I stuffed all my confusion, anger, and pity back in the box. I had enough on my mind without Tinsley’s rebuff and the mystery of Piper and Everett adding to it. Rejection was a part of life and it’d never bothered me before. I certainly wasn’t going to let it bother me now.

With a push of a button, Jameson’s racing red Dodge Challenger roared to life, the engine vibrating beneath my feet.

“You ready to talk about it?” he asked after leaving the car park.

“Not really.”

“Why? Because you think it will kill the mood? I have room for both, you know. Can I at least take a stab at it?”

I shrugged. If that was how he wanted to pass the time…

“You’re thirty-two. You’re physically and mentally tired. The high isn’t the same. After your gigs, you go back to your hotel room.”

Unfortunately, my head bobbed in agreement. “Is that what happened to you?”

“Word for word.”

“And that’s when you decided to transition out of the clubs?”

“Yep.” He popped the p.

I stroked my goatee, sorting through his words. “Gemma already has another contract lined up. Six months, mostly European clubs.”

“Good money?” He glanced at me when he stopped at a red light.

I mimicked his yep.

“But you don’t know if you have six more months…especially since your mum passed.”

Delighted with her negotiation skills and new terms, my manager emailed the new contract before the buzzing of my last gig faded. When I informed her I was flying to the States—without signing first—she buried her irritation and wished me well with faux-cheeriness. Gemma’s best quality as a manager was also her worst. She was tenacious and no way she’d remain quiet the entire two weeks.

“I have my holiday to decide. I’ll use the time to get my head straight.”

Silence settled as we glided along the one-way streets of downtown Dallas, admiring the glittering, colorful buildings in the night sky. Turning on the street with the Carlisle Room, he located the hotel and parked in the attached garage.

“What about Tinsley?” he asked after shutting off the car.

Whiplash was less sudden. “What do you mean?”

The overhead garage bulbs offered enough illumination through the Challenger’s tinted windows to show Jameson’s amused smile.

I rubbed the ink across my knuckles. Since meeting her I’d been drawn to her out-of-the-box ways. So different from the usual half-dressed, skin and bone wannabes who flocked to my shows. Bit of shave off the ego to have tingles shooting along my skin and she couldn’t be bothered.

I wedged my hands under my thighs to stop the fidgeting. “Did Tinsley say something to Sydney?”

He chuckled. “I have no idea what Sydney knows.”

“I thought you three shared everything.”

“We do. As it pertains to us. We scrimp for every private moment so none of us are keen to stomp into someone else’s private matters. As far as you and Tinsley” —he tapped the side of his temple— “I have eyes.”

He grabbed the door handle then paused as if debating his next words. “Maybe what you need is here. Not over there.”

“You might want to get your eyes checked then. I texted her a few times after the engagement party but she never responded to a single message.”

Jameson’s brows lifted, as if he expected me to be the ghoster and not the ghostee.

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