❄️ Snowed in a mountain cabin
🎄 Christmas holidays + baking
💕 Second chance
👑 Bossy alpha lover
⚔️ Sword cross guarantee (MMF)
CW: Death of a spouse, miscarriage

🇬🇧 British badass DJ
💎 Tattoos and piercings
👑 Dirty-talking hero
🥵 Without the 🔪🩸
💖 No cheating, no cliffhangers
⚔️ Sword cross guarantee (MMF)

🌦 Grumpy/Sunshine
🪢 Dominating hero
🎭 Enemies to lovers
🍆 Piercings and tattoos
💖 No cheating, no cliffhangers
⚔️ Sword cross guarantee (MMF)

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Maya (35F)

All I wanted for Christmas was to skip over to the new year with my heart healed. My husband promised we could do both at his family’s mountain cabin. What I got was stuck in an epic blizzard with the only two men I ever loved.

Quinn (30M)

All I wanted was to reconnect with my wife. We’d been adrift for months, and this trip was our chance. What I got was Maya’s ex-lover as a roommate when a snowstorm grounded his plane and all the hotels and rental cars were sold out.

Simon (42M)

All I wanted for Christmas was to be as far away from home as possible getting drunk and forgetting about this time of year. What I got was a shock to the heart when I stumbled in on my ex and her husband making out in the kitchen.


A new year. A new twist. Our sexiest game yet.

Sydney (31F)

I’m unflappable because I have to be. It’s a survival skill I’ve honed over the years thanks to my warring parents and the testosterone-dominated field of architecture.

My fiancé knows the pressure I put on myself. That’s why he whisks me to Florida to ring in the new year before I’m buried in wedding plans and 60-hour weeks vying for a promotion.

They say your first encounter of the new year determines how you’ll spend the next 365 days. What does that mean if I’m fantasizing about my fiancé and the DJ when the clock strikes midnight?

Drew (31M)

Some call it the Midas touch. I know my golden effect comes down to good instincts and following my gut. I make snap decisions in my role as an investment manager, but my intuition has always served me well and even led me to Sydney.

She is beautiful and driven and hides her passionate soul from everyone but me.

To help her relax at parties, we play a fantasy game. Only this time, the DJ hired to ring in the new year entices us both and my intuition urges me to turn our game into reality.

Jameson (33M)

After years of partying, I’m ditching my DJ lifestyle in London for a fresh start in the States as an on-air radio presenter. One last gig then it’s off to Dallas to entertain listeners during regular hours and find a smart, beautiful American to fall in love with.

But when a thralling couple asks me to help make their threesome fantasy a reality, I can’t help but indulge my baser instincts.

None of us expected our one-time encounter to transform into an all-consuming relationship. But now that love has found us, how can we ever go back?

Mixed up with the millionaire

Tinsley (35F)

I might be a successful tech genius but I still feel like a social outcast when it comes to men. I’m too curvy, quirky, and independent for any one man to handle. 

The first man to catch my attention in years is the last man I need to tangle with. Men like him don’t go for women like me. He’s rich, arrogant…and a client.

It’s less heartbreaking to focus on no-strings fun, and that’s what the ginger DJ offers. Or so I thought.

Everett (30M)

Being the heir of a real estate empire comes with certain obligations. However, beneath my bespoke suit of armor, I long for something I can never have.

The woman I love doesn’t deserve the suffocating role of dutiful high society wife, and there’s a good chance she hates my guts. Plus, a brash, flirty Englishman may have also captured my heart.

The one person who knows my secret is the reason why I can’t forsake my family for my own selfish desires.

Blaze (33M)

As an internationally known DJ, I travel across the globe playing to sell-out crowds and screaming fans. For a decade, I fancied the constant hustle and partying lifestyle.

But now I only feel empty. Alone. No family. No one to list in the emergency contact section. Until Tinsley and Everett knocked me on my British arse.

For the first time I know how it feels to be loved, a part of a real community. A new life glimmers in the distance, but only if we’re brave enough to go for it.